Given below is our detailed refund and cancellation policy and all the related information.

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Cash Backs

  • All refunds are processed according to the mode of payment while placing the order. All refunds timeframe will be marked from the day of request.
  • Reversal of a payment usually occurs within 15 working days, and in some cases, might exceed the given timeframe. The process involves intimation and verification of the payment at every step of a standard online transaction.
    The reversal details are confidential and are subject to the trust between the merchant and the customer. Once, we forward the refund request, please bear in mind that the process is complicated and requires the aforementioned time frame.
  • In special cases that are aligned with our Return Policy, reversals will be entertained for cash payments. The amount will be transferred to the customer’s Bank Account within a span of 3 working days. Customers are expected to provide their Bank Account details at at their earliest to avoid a cumbersome reversal process

Cancellation Policy

  • If you change your mind before we dispatch that item (*call us to confirm), then cancel your order and we will process the refund along with any shipping fees applied.
  • Cancellations depend on whether your order has been shipped or not. Usually, this happens within 3-5 business days so try to cancel your order at an early stage.
  • If your order has been shipped, we would not be able to cancel it. It will be then considered as refunded as per our Refund Policy.


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